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What is IDIY?

IDIY is an online writing center.
We offer professional corrections and writing advice on demand.

At IDIY, English experts from around the world, including professional translators, proofreaders and teachers offer high quality text corrections around the clock. Additionally, we also have over 5,000 carefully selected writing exercises that are updated daily, so that you will never be stuck on what to write about.

We offer the same one-on-one instructions that you may get at writing schools for less than one-tenth of the cost — on demand. Come experience our services and take your writing and English skills to new heights.

The secret behind our correction service

Our patented learning method is based on scientific research
Our patented technology (Patent No. 6811970) offers an effective way to improve your writing and English skills online.
We deliver accurate correction results to students of all levels, and have created an environment where students can learn what they want, when they want, most effectively.

What sets IDIY apart

We correct for more than just spelling and grammar.

You can request different correction styles including “casual” and “formal”, as well as “minimal” and “drastic”, so that our corrections will best suit your needs.
Our system allows instructors to understand the weaknesses, specific needs, and the unique characteristics of every customer.

We believe the one-on-one instructions available at IDIY exceeds those that are available at expensive writing and language schools.
Compared to writing and language schools, our services are affordable. In fact, our prices are the lowest in the industry, starting at just $1.99 USD per correction.

IDIY is ideal for those who want to study over a long period of time, without having to worry about their wallets.

Our customers see results!

I passed EIKEN Grade 1

I think IDIY is the best choice for busy businesspeople to study English writing. I had no confidence in expressing my thoughts and opinions in English before starting this service. However, practicing with the teachers of IDIY made it possible for me to communicate in English. Thanks to the great teachers, I passed EIKEN Grade 1.

I passed the first Medical Interpreting Skills Exam

I started to study English writing skills on IDIY and IDIY-biz. At first, I couldn’t understand what I wrote in English, but my teacher taught me useful expressions with kindness and tenderness. I passed the first Medical Interpreting Skills Exam (descriptive test) in 7 months.

I obtained the English Tour Guide certification

I obtained the English Tour Guide certification, a national examination, where applicants have to take examinations in English, Japanese history, geography and general knowledge.

My TOEFL score increased from 43 to 52

I started IDIY 2 month ago. I did not have enough skills to write essays and reports. After I took some lessons, my TOEFL score increased from 43 to 52.


Enjoy all of our features in one app!

IDIY is available on mobile through our official IDIY app. Craft/submit orders and receive/review correction results, all from the palm of your hand!

Check the status of your orders/correction results, browse our daily exercises, and even compare yourself to other users with our real-time ranking.

We are constantly adding new features and upgrades to our app. Make your learning at IDIY more enjoyable and convenient by joining us on mobile!

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The shortcut to writing
is found in reading!
Practice reading with our World News subscription

IDIY has partnered with Reuters and other global media outlets to deliver news from around the world.

Regularly reading well-written English is an effective way to improve your reading and writing skills. Our carefully selected news articles also make great essay topics and be used to hone your summarizing skills.

Practice speaking!
With an AI read-out of your correction results

Our high quality read-out function is made possible with Deep Learning technology. You may now train your listening and speaking skills by listening to your correction results.

*This function is only available with our Standard monthly plans.
Create your own
study guide!
With our PDF download function

Your correction results are now available for download as PDF files on both our web and mobile platforms. Create your own original study guide by printing and arranging your PDFs!

For even more personalization, why not use a digital pen and edit your PDFs on an iPad or other tablet device? The possibilities are endless.

Get your writing
corrected by professionals

IDIY instructors are not only English experts, but are also teaching experts.
After passing our rigorous hiring process, our instructors are regularly tested and strive to continuously improve their teaching skills.
catymcd (Instructor)From England
I enjoy the challenge their importance offers and am extremely motivated to correct each order to the highest standard. It is very important to me that all the orders are edited to sound as natural in English as possible.I understand how important accuracy is to the customer and how an edited piece of work will reflect on the customer. Therefore I always aim to correct a piece to sound as professional and natural as is possible. I am a native English speaker so you can be assured of the accuracy of my editing.I look forward to working with you.
Kris W (Instructor)From America
I do more than just correct grammar and spelling. First, I read through your composition to ensure that I fully understand the deeper meaning. Then I make carefully selected changes to ensure that each sentence sounds clear, professional, and persuasive. I always respect your efforts and strive to maintain your unique voice. I help you express your thoughts in a beautiful and natural way.
Ellie P (Instructor)From Canada
I am a writer myself, and have been writing articles for many years and am now working on my second book. I take every piece of writing very seriously and try to do my best to understand what is not being said as well as what is being said, if it is a subjective piece. First, I try to retain as much as possible from my customer’s writing. Then, my second sentence is more liberal. This way, the customer has two suggestions. Sometimes though, one is all I use. I consider it sufficient.

How to Use IDIY

Get your correction results in just 3 steps!

Pay-per-order with our flexible IDIY Points
or save with a monthly plan

  • Points are recommended if you want flexibility. They can be used for corrections, asking questions, exceeding your monthly plan word limit, and placing multiple orders per day.
  • Place 1 order per day, every day, with our monthly plans. While you may only place 1 order per day, each order will be more affordable with our monthly plans. Orders can be placed every day after 2 a.m., in Japanese Standard Time.
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