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How should I start writing?

In English, as in many languages, writing well is likely be more difficult than speaking well.

However, with the right guidance, understanding some standard formats, and of course some practice, your English writing will become dramatically more clear and impactful. Here, we will introduce 2 different types of English writing, along with some strategies for how to begin writing them.

Where should I start?

The freestyle essay is a style of writing where you answer a given topic with your opinions and arguments. Please note that even with the word “freestyle”, your composition must fulfill certain criteria for it to qualify as a freestyle essay.

While we have other exercises at IDIY such as the Photo description, where the aim is to explain the contents of a picture in English, as well as Email writing, designed to help you write professional emails, our freestyle essay topics are designed to help you become a better writer in general.

Why should I learn to write in English?

While interacting with people of diverse backgrounds is a very enjoyable aspect of learning English, most people attempt to communicate solely through speaking. However, thinking back to your own native language. You will likely realize that written communication through messaging apps, social media, and emails, is becoming more common than face-to-face communication or phone calls.

As the internet becomes more wide-spread, written communication will likely become even more common. In other words, the importance of learning to write in English is quickly growing in our digitalized society!

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Have you ever thought “Writing in English is too difficult!” or “I don’t know how to study!”, and felt like English writing was not your strength? Do not worry. Many of our customers at IDIY have come to love writing in English, with many users writing every day for years!

Writing is actually a very easy way to start and continue practicing your English output skills. While speaking usually comes to mind when we think of language output, it requires a speaking partner to be there at the same time. Therefore, you may need to pay for lessons at an English language school, or if you live in an area with many English speakers, your English level must be high enough to keep up. This can sometimes lead to frustration and anxiety, leading many people to fall behind…

With writing-based learning, you can practice your English output anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace. Furthermore, with IDIY, you can get qualified professionals from around the world to correct your writing and give you advice and support!

In your own language, would it be possible to speak something that you cannot write? In other words, practicing writing will also naturally lead to improved speaking ability. Thus, writing is an ideal way to improve your English skills as efficiently as possible.

Learn how to write in English

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to learn how to write in English, as recommended by industry professionals. The first is to learn through writing freestyle essays.

Most of you may be familiar with translation exercises, where you translate from your native language into English. While this approach has its benefits (learning English grammar and new expressions), it does not offer much room for creativity. As a result, it may quickly become boring, especially for beginner learners.

With the freestyle essay, you can incorporate creativity in your learning process, through expressing your opinions on a wide variety of subjects that interest you. For example, questions such as “Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?” and “What would you do if you were to win the lottery?” rouse the imagination and are a great opportunity to practice expressing your opinions and justifying your answer. This is what makes the freestyle essay both fun and highly effective. Why not start with one of our thousands of carefully crafted freestyle essay topics and take your English to the next level?

The diary is another effective way to improve your writing. Diary writing is an efficient way to learn the words and expressions that you need in your daily life, through writing about your day-to-day events. Diaries are also very easy to start, as you write about events that you have already experienced, allowing you to learn the English words and expressions that matter most to you. In other words, the diary is an easy to sustain, practical, and a highly personalized way to improve your English skills. Could even the best textbooks or courses teach you words and expressions related to your favorite movies, hobbies, and other unique interests?

Now that you understand the strengths of both the freestyle essay and the diary, we will go into more detail on how to write both English, with specific examples.
To sum up…
For customers with worries such as,

  • “I want to improve my English writing skills, but I don’t know where to start.”
  • “I don’t know what to write about!”
  • “What kind of exercises I can do?”

  • We recommend starting with the two methods below.
    The freestyle essay
    Choose an interesting topic
    and express your opinions
    The diary
    Write about your
    day-to-day experiences

    How to write the freestyle essay ①

    Become a better writer in 5 minutes

    by learning a standard format

    We will now show you how to write a freestyle essay in more detail. As mentioned earlier, the freestyle essay requires you to express your opinions toward a given topic. Here is one very important point about the freestyle essay: there is a specific format for how to write it.

    Conveniently, the same standard format can also be used in presentations, emails, speeches, and conversations, and could be considered a basic rule for anytime you want to express your opinions accurately and logically.

    Without knowing this format, you may think “Writing in English is difficult!” and “I don’t know what and how to write!” and continue to struggle. Just by learning this standard format, your English writing skills will improve drastically. Let’s now look at a real example of this format in action!

    How to write the freestyle essay ②
    Practice, practice, practice!

    Let’s look at a popular freestyle essay topic at IDIY to illustrate how you can use the standard format.
    What is your favorite season and why? Please answer in English.
    ① First, decide on an answer and write it down.
    Did you know that in the English essay, we state our conclusions first? In other words, the first sentence of your English essay should contain a simple explanation of your opinions toward the essay topic. You may use the expressions below to answer the essay topic.
    *I like ~ the best.
    *My favorite season is ~.
    ②Think of several reasons, state how many reasons you have, then explain your reasons.
    Next, let’s think of several reasons why “summer is your favorite season”. What comes to mind when you think of summer? What can you only enjoy in the summer? What makes summer a special season? For example, nice weather, going to the beach, and a long vacation may be your reasons. We will then specify the number of your reasons before expressing your reasons in order.
    *I have ~ reasons. First, ~. Second, ~.
    *I like (spring, summer, autumn/fall, winter) the best because ~. Also, ~.
    Useful phrases
    Use these phrases to explain all kinds of reasons!
    I like (to) ~, I can ~
    I can enjoy ~, there is/are ~ in summer, etc.
    Create several sentences using the phrases above

    ・First, I like to swim at the beach.

    ・ Second, I can enjoy fireworks festivals in summer.

    ・I like summer the best because I like to swim at the beach. Also, I can enjoy fireworks festivals in summer.
    ③ Bring your sentences together.
    I like summer the best. I have two reasons.
    First, I like to swim at the beach.
    Second, I can enjoy fireworks festivals in summer.
    (25 words)
    My favorite season is summer.
    I like summer the best because I like to swim at the beach.
    Also, I can enjoy fireworks festivals in summer.
    (26 words)
    How did it go? Follow this 3-step process and standard format to write clear and logical essays with ease. Try using the template below the next time you challenge yourself to write a freestyle essay!
    ▼Freestyle essay template
    I like [your favorite choice] the best.
    I have [number of reasons] reasons.
    First, [Reason 1].
    Second, [Reason 2].
    (Third, …. Fourth, ….)

    My favorite [Season, food, mode of transportation, etc.] is [Your favorite choice].
    I like [Your favorite choice] the best because [Reason 1].
    Also, [Reason 2].
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    How to write a Diary in English
    Does the freestyle essay look too hard? Do you want more freedom with what to write about? Then the diary is perfect for you!

    With the diary, while you are free to write about anything that has happened to you on a given day, you might not know where to begin with all this freedom. Thus, we will show you the easiest way to write a diary: writing about your day in chronological order.
    ① Look back on your day and list what happened.
    What did you eat?
    I ate/had ~ for breakfast/lunch/dinner.
    Where were you?/Where did you go?
    I went to ~./I was in/at ~.
    What did you do?
    I ~ (there).
    Options: studied, bought, saw/watched, etc.
    ② Let’s add some details.
    What time was it?
    at ~
    I woke up at 7:00.
    I left home at 8:00.
    With who?
    with ~
    I studied with my friends.
    I went to the supermarket with my sister.
    ③Finish with your thoughts.
    What kind of day was it?
    It was a ~ day.
    Options: good, boring, exciting, tough, etc.
    How did you feel?
    I was ~./I am ~.
    Options: happy, sad, excited, tired, etc.
    ④Put your sentences in order and you are done!
    I woke up at 7:00.
    I had bread for breakfast.
    I left home at 8:00.
    I went to school.
    I studied with my friends there.
    It was a boring day.
    (30 words)
    I went to school at 8:00.
    I talked and played with my friends.
    I had sandwiches for lunch.
    I came home at 6:00.
    I had sushi for dinner.
    I was happy.
    (33 words)
    How did it go? By continuing to build sentences using the words you know, you will soon notice yourself using English more fluently in many daily situations. Why not start by making the English diary a fun, easy, and effective habit?
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