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Our pricing differs with word count,
correction style,
and service.

Custon text correction
Photo description
Email writing
Daily essay
Freestyle essay

Correction style
Advanced text correction
(With explanations)
Basic text correction
(No explanations)

The price for a correction changes depending on word count, correction style, and service. You can customize your order every time you order a correction.

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Correction style
Your text

Advanced text correction (Explanations, 2 free questions, 1 free image upload)

※Basic text correction (Corrections only, no explanations/free options)

Our correction styles

  • Basic text correction
  • Advanced text correction
Service Custom text correction / Photo description / Email writing/ Daily essay / Diary / Freestyle essay Custom text correction / Photo description / Email writing/ Daily essay / Diary / Freestyle essay
Points per word 1pt~0.1 USD* 2pt~0.2 USD*
the instructor
1 week support period
after each order
2 free questions
with each order
World News subscription
1 1

* 1 point ≈ 0.1 USD
* The minimum fee is for 50 words
* Questions cost 20 points each after an order has been placed.

Our correction styles

Corrections from $1.99 USD

With our monthly plans, you may order 1 correction per day, for 30 days. For example, you may start a writing habit of reflecting on your daily experiences or hone your essay writing skills with our daily exercises. With regular practice, you will soon be able to use the highly valuable English skills that you will gain with confidence.

While consistent and effective practice is key to improving your writing and overall English skills, regular instruction can quickly become expensive. With this in mind, we have successfully developed a writing education system for regular use at reasonable prices, starting at $1.99 USD per correction. Use our monthly plan to start your writing habit and rapidly take your writing and English skills to the next level.

Choosing your monthly plan

Do you want explanations with your corrections?

“Basic” and “Advanced” refers to our two correction styles, while “Lite” and “Standard” refers to which of our services that you may use.

Our monthly plans

  • Basic
  • Advanced
service Custom text correction / Photo description / Email writing
Daily essay / Diary / Freestyle essay
Custom text correction / Photo description / Email writing
Daily essay / Diary / Freestyle essay
Read-out function
World News subscription
Technical proofreading
(IDIY Business)
Max. number of drafts 2 2
Cost of plan
1 order/day (Up to 50 words)
$59.99$1.99/1 order

$47.99$1.60/1 order
$119.99$3.99/1 order

$95.99$3.20/1 order
Cost of plan
1 order/day (Up to 100 words)
$99.99$3.33/1 order

$79.99$2.67/1 order
$199.99$6.66/1 order

$159.99$5.33/1 order
Validity Auto-renewed 30 days after purchase

*The monthly plan will expire in 30 days with payment methods other than credit card payment.

Our correction styles

You may order up to 300 words per day with our monthly plans, with words exceeding the word-limit (50 or 100 words) paid with IDIY Points.
With our Advanced Standard monthly plan, you may access our IDIY Business technical proofreading service with no extra steps. IDIY Business is designed for specialized texts and speedy delivery, where you may get results in as little as 3 hours. Enjoy our all-access Advanced Standard monthly plan, where you may order detailed corrections on one day, and the speedy proofreading of technical texts on another.

Monthly plan FAQs

I have a 100-word monthly plan. Can I order more than 100 words?

You may order up to 300 words at a time for any IDIY service, with both our 50-word and 100-word monthly plans. Any words over the 50 or 100-word limit can be paid with IDIY points.
I have a Lite monthly plan, but I sometimes want to order my own text from work for custom correction.

With a Lite monthly plan, you may only access our diary, daily essay, and freestyle essay services. However, you may access our other services (including custom text correction) using IDIY Points. This approach is recommended if you only need our other services from time to time.
How many orders per month would I need to make for monthly plans to be more cost-effective than IDIY Points?

Monthly plans become more cost-effective than IDIY Points from 11~15 orders per month. Furthermore, if you plan on ordering multiple times per day, we recommend using both a monthly plan and IDIY Points together, because you may only order 1 time per day with our monthly plans.
Do monthly plans have an auto-renewal feature?

Yes; however, our monthly plan auto-renewal feature is only available to customers paying with a credit card. When you turn ON your auto-renewal setting, your monthly plan will be automatically renewed 30 days after your purchase or latest renewal date. Please note that the monthly plan auto-renewal setting may not be altered if the monthly plan renewal/expiration date is within 48 hours. Thus, please update your monthly plan auto-renewal setting at least 48 hours before your next renewal/expiration date. Monthly plans not purchased with a credit card will automatically expire 30 days after the purchase date.
Will my membership expire if I turn off my monthly plan auto-renewal?

No, using a monthly plan when your needs increase and switching to IDIY Points when your needs decrease is a cost-effective strategy that we recommend.
Is it cheaper to buy a monthly plan at the start of the month?

No, even if you buy a monthly plan in the middle of the month, your plan will be active for 30 days after your purchase date. Thus, there is no change in price depending on when you buy your monthly plan.
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