Why not start by writing about your day?
Introducing our diary service.

Writing about your day is an effective way to learn and practice English. While you might struggle with finding the right words and expressions, the diary will soon become effortless with the guidance of our patient and highly qualified instructors. Why not challenge yourself to write your first diary for free with the points given to you after completing your member registration?

Key point!
The diary can be corrected more affordably than other types of texts!
By writing about your daily activities and experiences little by little, you will soon be able to easily express yourself in English.

Get your diary corrected!

When writing a diary, you must first consider what to write about. Think back and note down what you did or experienced recently, such as “Today I ate ~“ or “Yesterday I went to ~,” together with how you felt, such as “It was fun because~.” This might be hard at first, but do not worry; we have created a detailed guide for our members, with over 100 patterns for different situations, so that everyone can start their diary habit today.

Don’t worry if you have never written an English diary. Write your first diary using our detailed guide and order your first correction for free today!

Start your diary habit!

I am on a business trip in Thailand.
Today was my business associate’s wedding party.
It was my first experience of a Thai style wedding party.
I cannot understand the Thai language, but I enjoyed it very much.
After that, I went to a party of another department and I got along with them.

Regularly writing a diary will naturally increase your vocabulary and improve your English skills. What’s more, with the IDIY mobile app, you can write your diaries and get corrections anytime, anywhere!


Text Correction
2 points/word
  • Corrections with detailed explanations
  • 2 questions + 1 image free upload
  • 2 IDIY points ≈ $0.20
  • 50 words corrected for ~$10.00.
Text Correction
1 point/word
  • Corrections without explanations
  • 1 IDIY point ≈ $0.1.
  • 50 words corrected for ~$5.00.

“This is a pen.” = 4 words.
Calculate your correction fee by multiplying your word count by how many points is required for your correction.
*The calculation above applies to a purchase of 1000 IDIY points.

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