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IDIY advocates a new way to learn!

At IDIY, we are advocating for a new way to learn English — by writing. Writing-based learning can accommodate people who may not feel confident to speak, people who want to increase their opportunities for language output, people who want to learn at their own pace, people who want to learn on the go, and people with many other preferences. Writing-based English education is a new and flexible way to learn English that is ideal for long-term learning. This is because it is both adaptable and easy to continue.

We have many users who attend English language schools and also use IDIY to expand their vocabulary or review materials from classes. As English lessons can often feel like they fly by, writing about what you have learned in class is an effective way to make your learning more effective. Many of our users have also built an enjoyable habit of summarizing and writing about their day in English, with our diary service.

We invite you to come experience the joy of learning English through writing at IDIY!


Corrections from an IDIY instructor

Customer’s text
Because I am tired, I seem to be able to sleep well.

Corrections from the instructor
I am tired, so I should be able to sleep well.
With our Advanced Text Correction
Explanations and comments from the instructor are included.

Explanations/comments from the instructor
1) When we use “seem(s) to,” it does not refer to the future: it means that we have looked at something and seen how it looks in the present. What you want to say here is the future–”When I go to sleep, I think I will be able to sleep well.” That’s one possible phrasing, and I’ve offered another, “I should be able to sleep well.” You could also say “I’ll probably sleep well” or “I expect to sleep well,” among others.
2) In order not to begin two sentences in a row with “because,” I took it out here and changed the sentence to use “so.” The meaning is the same.

Recommended plan

Learn every day

We have designed many aspects of IDIY for learners who want to enjoy practicing their English every day. Our most popular service is the daily essay, where new essay topics are published daily. As one beginner and one advanced topic is published every day, learners of various levels can regularly challenge themselves without getting bored. We also have the diary service, where you can practice summarizing your day and expressing your thoughts daily. A wave of nostalgia and sense of accomplishment will surely wash over you when you look back at your past diary entries!

Enjoy a back-and-forth with our instructors

We have instructors from all over the world. Enjoy browsing instructor profiles and learn about their unique personalities, backgrounds, country of residence, and more! Why not request a correction from an instructor you like and enjoy a back-and-forth through our message box?

Upgrade your current English education

We highly recommend using IDIY while attending an English language school or together with your current study method! Use our custom text correction service to review what you have learned and receive corrections and personal advice. From useful tips on how to express yourself more naturally, to introducing new vocabulary and expressions, our instructors will help you make whatever you are currently learning even more effective!
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Daily essay

Freestyle essay

Photo description

Email writing


Can I get conversational texts corrected?

Yes. You can get your conversational texts corrected with our custom text correction service. Please note that conversational texts may not be corrected with our diary service.
How do I communicate back-and-forth with instructors?

First, find and request a correction from an instructor that you like. If you feel that your instructor is great at teaching or is a great match for you, you can use our message box to send them a message, greeting them or introducing yourself. Then, enjoy a back-and-forth with your instructor with each correction. We believe that building great connections with your instructors will also motivate you to keep improving your English!
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