Custom text correction


Study with your own texts!
Learn what you need,
when you need.

Textbooks and courses often don’t teach you what you need, when you need, as they are made for a large number of learners. With IDIY, you can bring your own writing for personalized correction and advice from our instructors. In other words, your own writing will become your own best resource to learn what matters most to you.

Key point!
When you submit writing related to your work or hobbies, essays, emails, and specific exam materials, our native-level instructors will carefully correct every sentence, so that you can learn what you want, when you want, most effectively.

I want to learn with…

  • Learn with exam material
    Leave the correction of your exam materials to our qualified instructors. Get detailed explanations and personalized advice so that you can improve your scores fast!
  • Learn from conversationals
    Why not review your English conversations with IDIY? Learn correct phrases and expressions that you can use in your next conversation!
  • Learn with emails
    Bring your emails for correction, and our professional instructors will advise you with the best expressions and clearest ways to communicate.
  • Learn from work
    Business English is a broad field that can take a long time to master. The short-cut to learning business English is to learn from examples in your own professional life, with one-on-one instruction from a qualified instructor.
  • Learn from your own text
    Bring your own blog articles, essays, and other texts for personalized corrections and advice!
  • We accept all kinds of texts!
    We even correct novels, poems, other creative works. (We do not create new text nor correct slangs)
    For urgent orders or texts exceeding 300 words, we recommend our IDIY Business service.

This is key!
Learn flexibly with IDIY by choosing what type of text and which instructor to learn from.
Your learning should keep up with your needs!

Use our diary service
if your text is about your day!

If your text mainly consists of your daily events and experiences such as “Today I went to~, and ate~, and did ~,” you can have your text corrected more affordably as a Diary!

* Texts that mainly consist of your personal opinions such as “Here is what I think about the increase in consumption tax that was announced in today’s newspaper…” do not count as a Diary, and must be ordered as a Custom text correction.

Use our IDIY Business service
for urgent proofreading orders.

Have your writing checked in as little as 3 hours with IDIY Business.

IDIY Business is a professional proofreading service for texts of up to 2000 words that contain technical vocabulary! All IDIY members have access to our IDIY Business service, where you can get your writing proofread in as little as 3 hours. Furthermore, because IDIY points can be used for both IDIY and IDIY Business orders, you can enjoy our professional proofreading service for the same price as our IDIY Advanced Text Correction!


Text Correction
2 points/word
  • Corrections with detailed explanations
  • 2 questions + 1 image free upload
  • 2 IDIY points ≈ $0.10
  • 50 words corrected for ~$10.00
Text Correction
1 point/word
  • Corrections without explanations
  • 1 IDIY point ≈ $0.10
  • 50 words corrected for ~$5.00.

“This is a pen.” = 4 words.
Calculate your correction fee by multiplying your word count by how many points is required for your correction.
The calculation above applies to the purchase of 1000 IDIY points.

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