Choose from our Correction Styles

Our Correction Styles

Choose from our Advanced Text Correction

and Basic Text Correction styles

What is Advanced Text Correction

with easy-to-understand explanations.
Improve your writing

The Advanced Text Correction is an IDIY original text correction style designed to maximize your learning. Your text will not only be corrected, but each correction will also come with detailed and easy-to-understand explanations.

  • Write your
  • Receive corrections
    and advice
  • Improve

Our Advanced Text Correction service includes corrections, explanations, questions, and image uploads with each order. It was designed for customers wanting to maximize their learning.
We invite you to experience our most powerful text correction service!
*You may ask 2 questions and upload 1 image per order.

What is Basic Text Correction

Perfect for “native checking”
and proofreading your writing.
Our most cost-effective
correction service!

The Basic Text Correction service is our most cost-effective option which includes a grammar/spell check as well as corrections to make your text as natural as possible.

While it does not include detailed explanations, our Basic Text Correction service offers high-quality corrections at an affordable price. We recommended this service for customers who want simple, high quality corrections.

Our Basic Text Correction service is affordable and easy to use!

*This service is not available for highly specialized texts, including academic papers, contracts/legal documents, and documents containing specialized physics/chemistry/engineering/medical terminology.

Correction example

Basic Text Correction

Text from the customer
Because I am tired, I seem to be able to sleep well.

Corrections from the instructor
I am tired, so I should be able to sleep well.
With our Advanced Text Correction
Explanations and comments from the instructor are included.

Explanations and comments from the instructor
1) When we use “seem(s) to,” it does not refer to the future: it means that we have looked at something and seen how it looks in the present. What you want to say here is the future–“When I go to sleep, I think I will be able to sleep well.” That’s one possible phrasing, and I’ve offered another, “I should be able to sleep well.” You could also say “I’ll probably sleep well” or “I expect to sleep well.” 2) In order not to begin two sentences in a row with “because,” I have replaced it with “so.” The meaning is the same.

With our Advanced Text Correction
You can ask your instructor questions to clarify parts you are unsure about.
Have you ever been unsure about something while writing in English? With our Advanced Text Correction service, you can ask up to 2 questions about your text for free when your submit each order. Clear up any uncertainty with detailed answers from your instructor!

*There is a fee for questions asked after your correction results have been delivered.

The correction styles compared

  • Basic Text Correction
  • Advanced Text Correction
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