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If you have ever thought “My vocabulary doesn’t improve because I only write about what I like!” or “Choosing an interesting topic takes too much time!” the daily essay at IDIY is perfect for you. Enjoy new essay topics of wide-ranging difficulties and subjects, every day. From conversational beginner level topics to advanced level topics that resemble university-level exams, we’ve got you covered! Why not try one of our daily essay exercises below?

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We carefully select one beginner level and one advanced level essay topic every day. This way, you can continue to expand your vocabulary and learn to write logical and convincing essays on a wide variety of subjects!

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  • Spain has announced plans to ban influencers, TV presenters and sports stars from advertising unhealthy food and drink to children. Under the proposals, which have just been put out for public consultation, anyone in a position to influence children would be forbidden to market food or drink that is high in sugar, sodium, salt or fat. “The ban would prohibit appearances in commercial communications by parents, educators, teachers, children’s TV professionals, sportspeople, artists, influencers, and people or characters – be they real or fictional – who may, by dint of their careers, be likely to represent a model or example for these minors,” Spain’s consumer affairs ministry said in its draft decree. The move comes five months after Spain’s consumer affairs minister, Alberto Garzón, said he would ban advertisements for unhealthy foods that are aimed at children on TV, online, on social media and in apps, in cinemas, newspapers and on the radio, after a 2019 study found that 40.6% of Spanish children aged six to nine were over their recommended weight, of whom 17.3% were classed as obese. Is child obesity a serious problem in your country? In your opinion, what is the most serious problem facing the children of your country today? Please answer in English, with reasons to support your answer.
  • In November 2021, Microsoft has released their conferencing system, Metaverse, where users may experience entering a virtual reality and have meetings with others in the same virtual space. What makes Metaverse unique, is that users do not simply view digital contents on the screen, but enter a virtual reality, and is gathering attention as a new internet technology. If the advancement of virtual conferencing systems continues, do you think the need for in-person meetings will eventually be completely eliminated? Please express your thoughts in English.
  • Some 22% of Italians have stopped using social media in 2021, according to Deloitte’s Digital Consumer Trends Survey. The three main reasons for abandoning social media were: getting tired of the content (35%), the excessive presence of fake news (25%) and concerns over one’s privacy (21%), the survey said. What are your primary concerns with social media? Overall, does social media make a positive or negative impact in your life? Please provide at least 1 specific example with your answer, in English.

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  • Do you prefer shopping online or at walk-in stores? Why? Please answer in English.
  • What are the best and worst things about living in your country? Please answer in English.
  • What skill would you like to improve the most? Why? Please answer in English.
  • Do you think elementary school children should be allowed to have a smartphone? Why/Why not? Please answer in English.
  • If you became rich enough to never have to work again, what would you do with your time? Please answer in English.

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Do you prefer shopping online or at walk-in stores? Why? Please answer in English.

Online shopping has become very popular for its convenience. We can now buy almost anything online, regardless of where we live. However, I still prefer shopping at walk-in stores, as I often find both new inspiration and products while browsing stores by foot.

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