Succeed on exams such as the IELTS(R), TOEFL(R),TOEIC(R), and EIKEN(R)!

Have you ever struggled with the writing sections of exams
such as the TOEFL iBT(R), TOEIC(R) S/W, and IELTS?
An effective strategy for success on well-known writing tasks such as the “Integrated Writing Task,” “Independent Writing Topics,” and the “Picture Description,” must consider that such tasks appear in a limited number of formats, such as responding toward a given question with your own opinions or responding with the pros and cons of a given topic.
Prepare for certification exams with our original exercises
The writing exercises at IDIY are designed to help you practice and master the common patterns seen on various certification exams.

Of course, practicing these patterns would not be so effective without the extensive one-on-one support from our experienced native-level instructors. At IDIY, you will get an objective evaluation your writing, explanations for why each correction was made, and personal advice on how to take your writing to the next level.


Corrections from an IDIY instructor

Customer’s text
Because I am tired, I seem to be able to sleep well.

Corrections from the instructor
I am tired, so I should be able to sleep well.
With our Advanced Text Correction
Explanations and comments from the instructor are included.

Explanations/comments from the instructor
1) When we use “seem(s) to,” it does not refer to the future: it means that we have looked at something and seen how it looks in the present. What you want to say here is the future–”When I go to sleep, I think I will be able to sleep well.” That’s one possible phrasing, and I’ve offered another, “I should be able to sleep well.” You could also say “I’ll probably sleep well” or “I expect to sleep well,” among others.
2) In order not to begin two sentences in a row with “because,” I took it out and changed the sentence to use “so.” The meaning is the same.

Recommended plan

Prepare for various writing tasks with our freestyle essay topics,
which are organized by a wide range of subjects

At IDIY, you can choose freestyle essay topics from a variety of different subjects. This allows you to focus on subjects that tend to appear often on your certification exam.

Overcome your weaknesses
with the daily essay

When we choose what essay topics to answer, we can unconsciously avoid subjects that we don’t like. We recommend our “Daily essay” exercise for those who want to become comfortable writing about a wide variety of subjects. We publish one beginner and one advanced level essay topic every day, so that you can challenge yourself regardless of your skill level. Furthermore, many of our daily essay topics cover relevant subjects that are gaining attention on the media, so that you can enjoy reading, thinking, and answering our topics every day. Of course, if an essay topic covering one of your weaker subject areas comes around, we invite you to challenge yourself and overcome your weaknesses!

Recommended for beginners!
Master the basics with our photo description exercise

We highly recommend starting with our photo description exercises if your TOEIC(R) score is below 400 (or equivalent). The photo description is an exercise where you practice describing pictures in detail, from the people, colors, and places, etc. that are shown in each picture. Each exercise also comes with our original hints, which are designed in a conversational format, so that anyone can easily start writing by answering them. We recommend our photo description exercises for an easy way to get started writing in English.
Recommended services

Custom correction


Daily essay

Freestyle essay

Photo description

Email writing


Could I use the exercises in my workbook/have my answers to past exam problems corrected?

Yes. With our “Custom text correction” service, you can use our correction service for workbook exercises, past exam problems, and all sorts of other texts.
How do I attach tables and figures from my workbook?

You can use your smartphone camera to take pictures of the tables and figures in your workbook, and upload the images with your order. This way, your instructor can correct your text while looking at the tables and figures.
Can I get advice for specific certification exams such as the IELTS?

Yes. At IDIY, we offer a personalized correction service with the option to inform your instructors about your current English level, goals, and other relevant information. Our instructors will use this information to offer corrections and advice fit for each customer’s unique needs and goals.
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