Photo description


Practice describing images in detail!
An exam prep essential at IDIY.

In the photo description exercise, you will practice describing the people, places, things, seasons, and other features depicted in images. The photo description is a common problem in many English language exams, where you will be tested on your ability to extract information and describe an image in as much detail as possible. Thus, the photo description exercises at IDIY are an exam prep essential. Our photo description exercises, together with our hints and of course, corrections from our expert instructors, were designed for exam success!

We publish two new photo description exercises every day!
Each exercise is carefully crafted so that you will be ready for any photo description problem that may appear on your next exam.

Practice describing images in detail!

This picture shows a mother and child.
A little girl and her mother are playing with a toy windmill. The season looks like fall because I can see brown leaves on the ground. I can also see many trees with yellow leaves on them. The blanket underneath them is blue. Some apples are on the blanket.

Experience your English vocabulary expanding as you practice describing images in detail!
Our photo description exercises were designed for beginners and learners preparing for various exams.

See what our hints can do!

Use our hints to grasp the details of each image
1. What season is it?
2. What are they wearing?
3. What are they doing?
4. What do you see in the background?
5. How is the weather?
6. What part of the mountain is this?

That man is snowboarding.
The season in this photo is winter. People are enjoying winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. The children are wearing red jackets. They are also wearing helmets to protect their heads. Two children are skiing together and one child with a black helmet is skiing alone. The person who is snowboarding is wearing a dark colored outfit. There seems to be enough snow on the ground and the weather is fine. I can see a ski lift and some buildings in the background. I do not see many people on the lift. (93 words)

Practice writing
within your target word count

You can practice writing within your target word count by answering our hints as you would in a conversation. With practice, you will soon develop a much larger vocabulary and the ability to describe anything in detail.
Let us help you succeed on your next English exam!


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Text Correction
1 point/word
  • Corrections without explanations
  • 1 IDIY point ≈ $0.1.
  • 50 words corrected for ~$5.00.

“This is a pen.” = 4 words.
Calculate your correction fee by multiplying your word count by how many points is required for your correction.
The calculation above applies to the purchase of 1000 IDIY points.

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