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Having trouble finding a native-level and highly qualified English instructor near you?
Many families struggle to find native-level and qualified English instructors nearby, even if they want their children to become familiar with proper English.
Get detailed guidance from our instructors
Our instructors will teach your kids how to correctly and elegantly express themselves in English, which will also be useful for future exams, certifications, and more. From introducing common vocabulary and phrases, to correcting expressions that are not appropriate, your kids will be in good hands with our instructors. Of course, as every correction will be saved, you and your child can also look back on past corrections anytime!


Corrections from an IDIY instructor

Customer’s text
Because I am tired, I seem to be able to sleep well.

Corrections from the instructor
I am tired, so I should be able to sleep well.
With our Advanced Text Correction
Explanations and comments from the instructor are included.

Explanations/comments from the instructor
1) When we use “seem(s) to,” it does not refer to the future: it means that we have looked at something and seen how it looks in the present. What you want to say here is the future–”When I go to sleep, I think I will be able to sleep well.” That’s one possible phrasing, and I’ve offered another, “I should be able to sleep well.” You could also say “I’ll probably sleep well” or “I expect to sleep well,” among others.
2) In order not to begin two sentences in a row with “because,” I took it out here and changed the sentence to use “so.” The meaning is the same.

Recommended plan

Make learning English a habit with our diary service

First, lets train your child to summarize everyday events in English with the diary. By making a habit out of explaining familiar events, such as what happened at school, conversations with friends, hobbies, and experiences with the family, your child can learn practical and unique English that cannot be found in textbooks. Lets start by making the English diary a fun habit!

“Describing photos is so much fun!”
Boost your child’s curiosity and motivation with our popular exercise

We recommend the photo description exercise for kids, which involves describing and explaining pictures in detail. Pictures taken by photographers from around the world are published daily, and are sure to boost your kids curiosity and motivation!
Recommended services

Custom text correction


Daily essay

Freestyle essay

Photo description

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I am thinking about signing my child up for IDIY. What service do you recommend?

In addition to our custom text correction service, we recommend our photo description service – designed for exam preparation, and our diary service, where your children can build a habit out of explaining their day in English. Regardless, it may be best to start out with our service that your child is most interested in. When your child gets used to studying with IDIY, they can start challenging themselves with our daily and freestyle essay exercises, which range in difficulty from easy conversational topics to University level topics. Whatever service you choose, our expert instructors are here to guide your child every step of the way!
Are there correction and explanation options that are suitable for children?

Yes. At IDIY, we offer a personalized correction service with the option to inform your instructors about your child’s age, current English level, goals, and other relevant information. Our instructors will use this information to offer corrections and advice fit for each child’s unique needs and goals.
What age can children start learning with IDIY?

We do not have an age limit for our services, and children of all ages are learning with IDIY. While may children start using our services from 4th or 5th grade (9-11 years old), there are children who start when they are in 1st or 2nd grade (6-8 years old). While honoring your child’s curiosity and interests, why not first take advantage of our new member promotion and try IDIY for free?
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