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There is a shift from “conversation” skills to “thinking + writing” skills
In recent years, English thinking and writing skills have become increasingly more important in the business setting, where proposals, various communications and negotiations happen on a variety of mediums. On top of basic English conversation skills, your ability to write emails, reports, and proposals in English are precious in the modern business scene.
We have developed a new way to learn!
At IDIY, we carefully correct the writing of our customers, each with unique occupations and positions, so that every customer will have their own tailormade study-guide. We have devised a new English education system where you can learn exactly what you want, in a short amount of time.

You may also find yourself to be much more motivated to learn with your own writing and correction results compared with conventional methods. We look forward to help you advance in your career, with our personalized correction service that is tailored to your needs.


Corrections from an IDIY instructor

Customer’s text
Because I am tired, I seem to be able to sleep well.

Corrections from the instructor
I am tired, so I should be able to sleep well.
With our Advanced Text Correction
Explanations and comments from the instructor are included.

Explanations/comments from the instructor
1) When we use “seem(s) to,” it does not refer to the future: it means that we have looked at something and seen how it looks in the present. What you want to say here is the future–”When I go to sleep, I think I will be able to sleep well.” That’s one possible phrasing, and I’ve offered another, “I should be able to sleep well.” You could also say “I’ll probably sleep well” or “I expect to sleep well,” among others.
2) In order not to begin two sentences in a row with “because,” I took it out here and changed the sentence to use “so.” The meaning is the same.

Recommended plan

Learn through real examples from your work,
with our “Custom text correction” service

Would you rather know the answers to workbook problems, or know if your writing has errors and know how you can take specific steps to improve your writing? At IDIY, with our “Custom text correction” service, we are able to offer the latter. Get one-on-one guidance from our highly qualified instructors, who will carefully correct your writing and give you specific advice on how you can take your skills to the next level.

A correction service for professionals,
tailored to your career needs

At IDIY, we do not just offer a simple correction of your writing. We offer a highly personalized correction service where we consider your unique situation, goals, how you want your text corrected (minimal or drastic change), and if you want a casual or formal writing style. You can even message your instructor for further specifications, so that you can get the best correction results that are tailored to your needs.

Train your critical thinking and output skills
to handle unexpected and tough questions

If you were suddenly asked something like “What do you think about the recent advancements in AI?”, would you be able to clearly convey your opinions in English? At IDIY, we publish essay topics of trending subjects every single day in our “Daily essay” service. Gain the skills to logically answer difficult questions with no “correct” answers at IDIY!
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Can I get my work-related writing checked?

Yes. You can use our “Custom text correction” service if your text is not highly technical.
What counts as technical writing?

Technical content refers to texts such as academic papers, contracts and legal documents, and texts containing specialized scientific/engineering/medical terminology. Please rest assured that words and expressions that are regularly used in the business setting are not considered technical content. Please use our IDIY Business service for technical content.
I cannot determine if my writing is too technical…

While many of our customers use our service to correct their writing for work, it can be difficult to determine if your text is too technical. If you are worried that your writing is too technical, please use your free points to order a correction first. If your instructor determines that your writing is too technical, we will contact you by email and recommend our IDIY Business service. Try ordering a free correction first!
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