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  • Passed the UNATE A Class Exam
    I improved my writing skills to pass the United Nations Association Test of English A Class Exam.
  • Passed EIKEN Grade Pre-1
    It is no exaggeration to say I owe my success to IDIY’s tutors. While I learned how to build basic compositions with books, I could learn detailed expressions from the tutors at IDIY.
  • I passed EIKEN Grade 1
    I think IDIY is the best choice for busy businesspeople to study English writing. I had no confidence in expressing my thoughts and opinions in English before starting this service. However, practicing with the teachers of IDIY made it possible for me to communicate in English. Thanks to the great teachers, I passed EIKEN Grade 1.
  • I was able to get two jobs
    Thanks to IDIY, I was able to get two jobs. One of them was a teaching job. The other was to work at a tourist information office.
  • I got 9.3 out of 10 in my graduation thesis
    The Daily essay helped me find out my writing problems such as grammatical errors, and after submitting some, I started working on my thesis and got 9.3 out of 10.
  • I passed the EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency Grade Pre-1
    This year I felt so happy that I could pass the EIKEN Grade Pre-1 test as a result of having worked hard with IDIY.
  • I speak English with confidence
    Now, I’m seventy years old and still study English with all my might. Thanks to IDIY, I speak English with confidence.
  • TOEFL writing 18→24
    After half-a-year training with IDIY, my TOEFL writing score rose up to 24.
  • Before IDIY, I had no idea how to write essays
    IDIY teachers were devoted to proofreading the essays, and thanks to their contributions, I passed EIKEN pre-1.
  • I got full marks in EIKEN Grade 3 English composition
    I really appreciate the teachers who corrected my short essays. Thanks to all my teachers, I got full marks in EIKEN Grade 3 English composition.
  • My TOEIC score was great!
    Thanks to the daily exercises at IDIY, my TOEIC score was great. The teachers are always helpful and have given me thousands of useful and essential tips.
  • TOEIC 875
    I accomplished my short-term goal of learning English thanks to IDIY!
  • My TOEFL score increased from 43 to 52
    I started IDIY 2 month ago. I did not have enough skills to write essays and reports. After I took some lessons, my TOEFL score increased from 43 to 52.
  • I passed the first Medical Interpreting Skills Exam
    I started to study English writing skills on IDIY and IDIY-biz. At first, I couldn’t understand what I wrote in English, but my teacher taught me useful expressions with kindness and tenderness. I passed the first Medical Interpreting Skills Exam (descriptive test) in 7 months.
  • I passed my University entrance exam
    I used IDIY to train for the writing section of my University entrance exam. Your English grammar improves naturally by using IDIY. This means using IDIY improves your English skills as a whole.
  • I could enter Kobe University
    At first, I was bad at English composition. But gradually, I acquired writing skills thanks to IDIY. The teachers gave me detailed checks for my compositions, and always gave me kind advice. I could progress my skills in English writing and could enter University. Thank you IDIY.
  • I got the confidence to write
    Gradually, by practicing with a native English teacher at IDIY, I got confidence and now do not hesitate to write in English.
  • Please don’t give up on your dream!
    I passed the interview to become a dealer at the Marina Bay Sands.
  • I obtained the English Tour Guide certification
    I obtained the English Tour Guide certification, a national examination, where applicants have to take examinations in English, Japanese history, geography and general knowledge.
  • Passed the Society for Testing English Proficiency grade 1 exam
    I had confidence in reading and speaking. However, writing was the greatest obstacle for me to pass the examination. In fact, I had failed this test several times. Then I decided to join IDIY to improve my writing skills. Thanks to my tutors, I finally passed the Society for Testing English Proficiency (STEP) grade 1 exam.
  • TOEIC L&R 795
    It’s a very nice exercise to write diaries or answer essay topics in English every day. Thanks to my kind teachers, I could get my highest score ever!
  • I passed the entrance exam of Tokyo University!
    IDIY teachers helped me a lot with my English writing. Thank you so much!!!
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