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TEFL Certificate
NQ level 5 Certificate in Banking Advice
Humble, joyful greetings to you! It gives me great pleasure and honour to offer my expertise and assistance to you.
I would like to describe myself as an amiable, down-to-earth and contented person. I have a high standard of work ethic, I am reliable, diligent and hardworking. I tend to pay attention to details, therefore I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and I always offer the very best of myself at all times.
As an enthusiastic, very self-motivated and ambitious individual, I am continuously working on how to advance myself to my highest potential.
Without exception, I pledge to provide professional, academic and proficiency, however, I also ensure patience, humility and empathy to balance my approach. The following are my career objectives:
• To enter a dynamic environment wherein I can achieve and realize my goals.
• To grow as an individual through practical experience.
• To acquire and develop skills which would enable me in delivering results.
• To perform alongside the shared objectives of my employer and me.
• Working with other motivated people.
I am exceptionally eager, delighted and certainly pleased to be of service to you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance!
I have a very creative personality and enjoy a variety of the arts, beadwork, making Mosiacs, sewing and music. I am always looking for new activities to participate in, and I will engage in the near future such as candle-making, pottery and natural cosmetics. I usually enjoy cooking for my family and spending a lot of time outdoors in the garden, having a picnic in the park, swimming, hiking or taking a walk in nature. I love going on adventures and travelling comes to me like second nature. I have travelled to neighbouring counties and cities in my home town. The first country I travelled to was The Sultanate of Oman, in the middle east and I have the best experience of my life which broadened my horizon. I then travelled to China and enjoyed visiting some of the different towns and cities from the north, east and south. The last travel destination I went to was Thailand, one of my favourite places for a holiday destination. I am extremely ambitious to travel more and as much as possible.
All the methods I will use to provide an explanation on correction will be tailor-made to suit your level, as well as your capacity for understanding me on different levels and to meet your full expectations. For the different proofreading styles I will utilise either focusing on the minor errors, major errors, grammar, proper spelling, spacing between words, punctuation, formatting, and capitalization on an academic or general level. I will provide suggestions and alternative approaches as much as I can where applicable.
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