Dear customer,
I have recently completed an online TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course of 120 hours, as a result of which I have acquired a deeper knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling. I have been through the British education system since childhood and I also have a degree in Law in addition to extensive management experience. I am able to help people of all ages at any level of English knowledge. I am patient and thorough in my reading of work and will suggest encouraging corrections Thank you.
I have several hobbies, some of which, I do not have enough time for. I love reading sci-fi fantasy books as they transport me to a different world altogether and I can get lost in them. I also tend to read a lot of young adults books, which, make me feel young again and help me keep in touch with the youth of today! One of my all time favourite book collection from my childhood, which is not sci-fi fantasy at all, is Anne of Green Gables. I have read all of the books several times and own them too. I also watched the drama serial fervently when it was released, and although there are newer versions of the drama being shown nowadays (which I refuse to see), for me, no-one can play Anne better than Megan Follows in the serial from the 1980s. I would like to visit Prince Edward Island one day so I too can feel like Anne.
I have visited several countries over the years, including; Holland, France, Barbados, La Palma in the Canaries, Cape Verde, India, Pakistan, Morocco and Malaysia. My favourite country so far has been Malaysia. Everything was just beautiful and it made me long to visit more East Asian countries to learn about their culture and lifestyle. I had booked a holiday to Korea last year and was planning to visit Japan this year but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, all my plans have been put on hold. I hope to resume my travelling once this pandemic has been defeated and we can all go back to a more normal way of life, which seems so distant at the moment...
Another one of my hobbies, which is also a necessity in a way, is cooking: I just love learning about new cuisines and trying out recipes! I also like to bake when I can and always bake my children's birthday cakes every year without fail. I think I am a good home cook and I am lucky that my children like trying all sorts of foods.
I also like to watch movies, K-dramas and listening to music.
Dear customer,
Thank you for taking time to read my profile and for considering me.
I started informal grammar and text correction very early on in my life by helping my parents, their friends and family with reading and writing letters on their behalf. This helped me to develop strong writing skills as I had to be very conscious of what the person I was representing was trying to convey. In my professional life, I have continued in this role by helping others in the same capacity, when I was working for Age UK (a charity to help older people). I have extensive experience in tutoring my siblings, other students in school and my children. This has given me the skills to enable me help at all levels of English, in both a professional and non-professional capacity.
My experience means that I am able to offer both drastic and minimal change correction styles. I am also very patient and very good at breaking down my explanations in a way that will help you understand the English language better, which will in turn help you progress with your learning.
I really look forward to working with you!
Thank you.
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    Thank you very much for your help.

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    Thank you for your corrections!



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