Native English speaker (British English). Living in Japan. / イギリスネイティブ、日本在住。
Hobbies and Interests: Over the years I have had many hobbies, but one that has consistently stuck with me is my love and passion for video games and the games industry. Every year it is amazing to see just how much it evolves as technology gets increasingly more powerful.
As such, I am also very much interested in technology and computers and love to build my own desktop PCs for high-end gaming. There is something so very satisfying with using a machine you have built yourself.
Other things I enjoy are reading, exploring nature and cultural landmarks, and of course spending time with my wife!

Favourite Country: Choosing a favourite country is a tough thing to do as there are of course so many different cultures and ways of life, not to mention beautiful scenery. With that said, ever since I was young, I was very much intrigued by Japan. Perhaps this is due to so many of the things I loved when growing up originated from here (video games, anime, pop culture).
As such it is no surprise that I now live in Japan and have done so for close to a decade (time sure goes fast!). So, I guess my answer would be Japan! I honestly can’t see myself living anywhere else.

Visited Countries: Growing up in the UK I was able to relatively easily visit countries such as France and Spain. During my teenage years I eventually managed to visit Japan and experience the culture first hand. Of course, just visiting is not enough to grasp a culture in its entirety (I am indeed still learning things now), but it was such a great experience that I wanted more and so it solidified my desire to live and work here.
I am a native English speaker who grew up in the UK and has since moved to Japan to live and work. Moving to a foreign country can be scary, but the choice to relocate to Japan was one of the best decisions I have made and ultimately allowed me to learn so much about myself.

I really want to state my appreciation to you for trusting me with something as important as checking your writing. Sharing what you have written, whether it’s personal or not, can be a little intimidating. As someone who still asks for help with my Japanese writing from time to time, I fully understand that. As such, I want to reassure you that anything I am asked to check will be done so with the upmost sincerity and care, and explanations will be kind and detailed to allow you to get the most out of each correction and piece of advice.

Regarding my availability, I will be able to check writings Monday to Friday during core business hours (Local Japan Time).

Thank you so much for reading my introduction, and I hope to be able to assist you soon.


Best regards,
  • poppo500


    Thank you very much, Teacher EigoPoint.
    I can really learn a lot about English from your comments and corrections, such as the nuances of "which" and "that", "help", etc...
    I'd like to try to write more natural and more readable sentences using this knowledge.
    Thank you once again.



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