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B.A Honours in English Literature from Cambridge University.
Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
Experience of teaching English language and literature and TEFL to school pupils and adults in groups and most particularly one-to-one.
Interest in and experience of creative writing in English.
I speak Spanish and French and have an keen interest in language learning and improvement.
Through my daughter's learning of violin, initially by the Suzuki method,I have a great respect for and interest in learning by the mother tongue method. I see the way IDIY works as being very similar to this method in many respects and recognise the value of learning and teaching that involves native speakers.
I have particular interests and experience in the arts, education, psychology, medicine, and have worked in both corporate and internal communications in business.
I am happy to work for IDIY and to be reading and correcting the work of Japanese speaking customers. I've worked for IDIY for 4 and a half years and find it very interesting and rewarding. My style of correction is to pay close attention to the language in your writing in terms of grammar, vocabulary, style and content. I see each customer as having different needs in your learning journey and I take care to respond to you and your writing as the developing work of an individual. In my comments and personal message you will find that I tend to discuss in some depth with you the content of your writing and you can learn from this personalised discussion as well as from specific corrections and suggestions for alternative wording where appropriate. I do my best to encourage you in your writing with constructive help and a kind while at the same time rigorous and disciplined approach. Your questions, additional notes and feedback are always welcome and can be an important part of the communication between you as the customer and me as the instructor. I am happy to receive requests and develop a rapport so that you have continuity in your learning and to help you with Basic and/or Advanced corrections. I look forward to reading your writing and to writing back to you and hope that you enjoy IDIY as much as I do!
I enjoy language and languages and words fascinate me. I like both reading and writing and currently attend a creative writing class. I'm a keen musician and enjoy playing the piano. I also play the violin and look forward to playing more than I have done recently. There are so many things to enjoy in Edinburgh where I live. I'm happy in the city enjoying the culture and also very much enjoy being in nature and exploring places when I have time. My teenage daughter keeps me busy and though she is very independent in some ways she is still young and growing up in a complex and busy world. We have two guinea pigs at home which we enjoy looking after. I'm especially interested in the arts and feel lucky to live in a city where we have easy access to rich cultural experiences including the Edinburgh Festival. I've spent time in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hong King and America. I enjoyed all of them and would like to travel more when the time is right.
I very much enjoy working for IDIY and look forward to reading and helping you with your writing. I am here to help you be able to write fluently, naturally and correctly, and, perhaps above all, to communicate effectively in English what you want to say. Writing is a complex process even in one's own language. When you are writing in another language there are even more layers of complexity and it can be challenging. It can also be a lot of fun and very rewarding. As a native speaker of English I aim to share with you what is natural to me and to help and encourage you through specific corrections and adjustments and also through response to and discussion of what you are writing about in any piece you send to me through IDIY. I discuss particular aspects of your writing in detail if you ask for an Advanced correction and will give you a corrected version of your text if you ask for a Basic correction. In both cases I aim to have a sort of conversation with you across the internet and to connect with you through language so that you can absorb natural English and further develop your language skills. I aim to tune in to what your needs are and to encourage you on your learning journey.
  • Shuta


    Dear Teacher Florianna

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply and careful review. Your comments and suggestions are really helpful. Frankly, these are much more attentive than I expected. I really appreciate it.

    I am looking forward to seeing you on the web next time.
    Best regards,

  • yoooheey


    Thank you for answering my short essay! I enjoyed this topic, and your kind advice is very helpful.

  • rokop3


    Dear Teacher florianna,

    Thank you for your thorough correction and advise on my essay.
    I would be happy to ask your correction again soon.

    Best regards,

  • poppo500


    I wasn't sure about words and phrases, but I understand them partly from Teacher florianna's comments.
    Also, I learned the new vocabulary of eye diseases.

  • fujiki


    Thank you so much for your work! I"m very happy to see your comment!
    I think the sentence "of the surrounding surfaces." is perfectly suitable for my abstract .
    You did highly better than i expected.
    Thank you so much again.

  • Asasan


    Thank you for your corrections and message. I’ve learned a lot from them.
    I’ll keep on trying.
    Thank you again !

  • Yanta


    Thank you for your advice and kind message:)

  • yoooheey


    Thank you for reading my short essay! Your kind message and clear advice are very helpful for me.

  • alex2018


    Thank you for reading my writing.
    our advice always encourage me!

  • Takayuki_I


    Thank you for suggesting better expressions.



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