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I have been a language teacher for over 30 years. and I have completed a variety of ESL courses over the years. I hold a TEOSL Certificate
I have extensive knowledge in the mining industry and also in the business development sector. I have completed university papers in English, anthropology, history and political science. My academic and professional life has always been based on English communication, from a number of different angles. Some of my professional activities over the years have been:
• trained ESL teacher;
• written and oral translations, English to Portuguese and vice a versa. involving the mining industry and the preparation of Brazilian products for export, such as labelling and marketing material;
• Translations of books, from Portuguese to English;
• the preparation of Brazilian tourist operators to receive international tourists;
• information transfer at government level;
• the owner-operator of English language school;
• development of a 3-day English immersion program for mining company executives, specifically related to Business;
I am available every day of the week for requests.
My favorite hobby is conservation, outdoor living. and gastronomy. Until recently I lived on a 250 acre property in Minas Gerais, Brasil, where I focused on wildlife conservation and the study of native flora. I have some very interesting animals on my property such as leopards, black jaguars, native wolves, foxes, ant-eaters and many more smaller mammals.
I love trekking and I have done some wonderful walks in many different places in Brazil, such as on the Estrada Real, which goes from Rio de Janeiro to Minas Gerais.
My love of cooking has developed over the years due to a deep interest for Brasilian food and now my new interest is fusion gastronomy. I have an enormous collection of recipes and hope one day to create a book with my favourite, success proven recipes.
I am New Zealand born, and after 20 years living in Brasil I have now returned to my home land. I am living in the North of the North Island, very close to the ocean. I enjoy long walks and riding my bike. As I live in such a tranquil, peaceful place I can concentrate on my work, which I love.
Until recently I was involved with information transfer, working with the Brazilian government business development agency in partnership with the governments with which the information was being transferred. Our company was responsible for information transfer with Costa Rica & New Zealand working regarding sustainable tourism and South Africa in regards to the Soccer World Cup.
I have always enjoyed travelling and I have visited many countries on work related assignments and also for leisure. The countries I have visited are Australia, England, Portugal, Spain, France, South Africa, USA, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Indonesia.
Although I love Brazil dearly, due to its enormous diversity, New Zealand is my place of birth and I am very proud to be a New Zealander as it is such a wonderful country to live. It is so safe and the cultural towards conservation is very advanced.
I am a very curious person and because of this I love to learn new things and I am very interested in all topics.

The main objective of my style of correction is to come as close as possible to the communicative goals of the text.

I believe it is very important for the customer to be able to tell his story in his own words. I prefer to correct grammatical errors and provide good clear reasons for these corrections when needed, and suggest alternative vocabulary if I feel this will add style and value to the text.
I also believe each text has its own goals and, depending on its fulfillment, some specific needs. ESL customers, sometimes do not get the text to say exactly what they want it to say. My work consists of, apart from correcting grammatical mistakes, understanding the purpose of each piece of writing and suggesting that which would turn the text into a better one.

I only make a meaning-adjustment of a text when needed or requested.
  • ryutaro1991


    Thank you for correcting my sentences.
    It is very helpful.

  • maru821


    Dear teacher Flick,
    Thank you very much for your kind support as always, all your corrections are very clear and easy to understand.
    Above all, you’re a great motivator and you know how to boost my energy to study English.
    I don’t know if this sentence is correct, but anyway, you help me and all students here a lot!

  • persimmon13587


    I understood.
    Thank you for your perfect explanation!

  • Famikun


    Thank you very much. Your comments on my sentence and a lot of example sentences helped me understand fully.

  • shimabu2020


    Dear Flick,

    Thank you for your polite advice.
    I will ask you to check my writing again soon.

    Sincerely yours,


  • Gaoqiao


    Hi Flick,

    I hope you are going well. Thank you for your kindly message and great feedback, especially regarding the order of adjectives.
    I really think that you have a great skill to motivate students to study English more and more.

    I enjoy writing essays in English thanks to your support and collection.

    Despite we have been facing severe situations due to COVID-19 issues, shall we believe our capability to overcome any difficulties.

    See you soon through IDIY.

  • Haruka0606


    THank you for checking my writing!
    With your advice, I'll improve my writing !

  • Tawnyowl


    Thank you for correcting my diary entry. It was a great pleasure for me that there were no major corrections in my diary today!

  • Tawnyowl


    Thank you for correcting my diary entry. It was a great pleasure for me that there were no major corrections in my diary today!

  • ryosukebee1


    thank you for your corrections.
    However, anything which you pointed out wasn’t reflected.



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