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Advanced Diploma of Teaching University of South Australia (Diploma of Teaching).
South Australian Teachers Registration, teaching Science, the Arts, Literacy and Numeracy.
Certificate in Financial Services and Accounting
Certificate in Community Services
Certificate in Mental Health First Aid
Certificate in Crisis Supporter Counseling

I worked 35 years with the Department of Education in South Australia.
I lectured at the University of South Australia in multicultural studies and teaching skills.
I corrected and graded online Education papers for Bachelor of Education students.
I formerly tutored English in South Australia for Families SA.
I currently counsel people in crisis for LIfeline- an Australian suicide prevention crisis phone line service.
Hi everyone, I would be pleased to read your writing in IDIY. The picture shows a Crimson Rosella parrot in my garden at the moment. It is eating the sunflower seeds this week. Stay happy and healthy! Joyce.
I have many hobbies, including caring for my cats and dogs, gardening, fishing and bush walking. I presently live in the far South East of South Australia in a National Park area among the kangaroos and koalas, near the beach, where I go whale watching.

I have lived in Scotland, England and Australia. I love traveling and have also been to several overseas places, including Malaysia and New Zealand. I have stayed in most Australian states and visited, the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Townsville, Magnetic Island, The Great Ocean Road, Sydney and Coffs Harbour, Melbourne and Adelaide.

My favorite country would be Scotland, because I was born there and belong to the clan Gunn. My ancestors include the vikings and Olaf the Black especially.
I do three things when I correct a customer's text:-

Firstly, I let the writer know exactly which aspects of the text were well written. Giving recognition for good skills will give the writer encouragement to keep doing the right things with their writing.

Secondly, I give quality and accurate correction with clear explanations, so the writer can see what may need to be changed and why it will be more naturally English to make the changes.

Thirdly, I provide the writer with examples and ideas to improve their writing in a kind and gentle manner, so they will not have hurt feelings or become discouraged in their writing, but rather be uplifted and keen to improve and grow in their understanding and knowledge of the English language. This means both simple natural alternatives and complex expressions with idiomatic sayings can be requested.

Every customer/writer is very special to me, and every piece of writing will be treated with the respect and accurate care it deserves to have. I have been helping many students, both young people still in schools, as a teacher and more mature adult students at the university for over 35 years. My knowledge of accuracy in business letters and correspondence is excellent, as I have also worked in accounting for manufacturing businesses with a strong customer focus. I believe in building trust and respect between us, so I can help you to reach your full potential and do your best work.
  • steelblue47683


    Dear Joyce
    Thank you for your heartwarming message!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  • star33944


    Thank you for correcting my text.
    Your feedback helps to improve my English writing skills. I'll keep practicing. See you again soon.

  • steelblue47683


    Dear Joyce
    Thank you for your wonderful message to me!
    I had a headache today, but getting beter because your message encourages me everytime!!
    Have a lovely day!!

  • Tomoofk


    Thank you for your feedback with useful tips and suggestions as always. I like your natural wordings in your alternative.

  • Yusuke229


    Very very careful, helpful corrections and alternatives!
    I've learned a lot. I'd like to give more than 5 stars.
    Thank you :D

  • moccasin20648


    Thank you very much for your time. Your correction was very helpful!

  • Makihamu


    Hello teacher Joyce,

    Thank you for your correcting and warm message.
    The writing tips you taught me were really useful !
    The alternative expressions you suggested were simple and easy to understand.


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    Thank your for your advice!

  • nwsl983


    Thank you as always(^▽^)

  • steelblue47683


    Dear Joyce
    Thank you for your heartwarming messages!
    I'm glad to know my essay was no problem.
    Have a wonderful day!!



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