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CAMBRIDGE Test Administrator / CAMBRIDGE Speaking Examiner
TOEIC Examination Proctor
AEAS (Highschool English Examinations) - Test Administrator / Speaking Examiner
IELTS - Speaking Examiner
Certificate IV in TESOL
Bachelor of Arts - Film and Media Studies, Journalism
Bachelor of Arts (Honors)
Master of Education - Primary (currently completing)

I have taught English to non-native speakers (many different cultural backgrounds) for the past 19 years.
I have studied English Grammar intensively and attended many Industry workshops for ESL educators.
I am available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays.
My hobbies include: Spending time outdoors going for walks, to the beach or National Parks.
Photography, nail art, reading novels and watching Netflix.
I love to travel and learn about new languages and cultures.
I enjoy socializing with friends.
Spending time playing with my children, helping them with their homework, and playing games together.

Favorite Country & Previous Travels:

This is a hard one because I think I have three favorite countries for very different reasons.

I lived in Japan for 5 years so for me it will always be one of my favorite places in the world as it is like my second home. I love the food, culture, cities, people, shopping and Disneyland. I still visit Japan every couple of years and don't think I will ever see everything there is to see and do.

I think my other favorite place in the world is Thailand. I have traveled to Thailand many times and like Japan I love the people, culture and shopping. I always go to Thailand to relax and go to health retreats.

Of course, I can't forget my own country which I have come to love so much over the past few years as I have been able to travel and see for the first time (I was never interested before!) . Australia, well its nature and landscapes is what is so beautiful and inspiring and I love exploring and seeing all the unique and different places my country has and our weather means we can be in the sunshine most of the year.

I have been traveling for most of my life. I have been to The UK, Ireland, China, Korea, The USA, Malaysia, and Singapore to name just a few countries.
I have spent the last 18 years teaching English to non-native learners. I have a passion and interest in the English Language and like to help learners with acquiring the language. I continually study and keep myself knowledgeable in everything to do with the English Language. I have a very extensive knowledge of Grammar and also the types of errors which learners make. I like offering help and guidance to learners and will do this with your work also. I have studied languages intensively myself so I know how hard it can be to learn another language.

I will give very clear correction with examples and explanations. I always offer alternatives for vocabulary or expressions as much as possible. I also like to help out learners with spoken vs. written English as this can sometimes be very different. I am very familiar with common punctuation and spelling errors. I am knowledgeable in the different styles of writing (formal, semi-formal, casual, academic, business, and exam texts). I am able to pick up frequent errors that you make and provide you with the knowledge to move beyond these errors. I am kind, friendly and always helpful : )
  • rudo


    Thank you for your detailed review and an answer against my question.
    Your teaching is very helpful to me.
    Many skills are required to express correctly my opinions and real situations in writing English, that's why is is difficult for me.
    However, I would like to continue improving my English, because I would be happy if my intention or thinking would be conveyed successfully.
    Thank you so much!

  • rudo


    Thank you for your kind and detailed review. Also at this time, I have been able to learn a lot from you!
    Especially, "the power of three" is an eye-opening information to me. I would like to use it from now on.
    In addition, I would like to continue improving my English.
    Thank you so much!

  • jacco


    Thank you for checking it! I will do my best referring to your advice.

  • KAZU001


    Thank you for nice advice!

  • ty1988


    Thank you very much for your thoughtful comments with in-depth clarification/explanation. They were very clear to me and I enjoy learning from you.

  • Blue_Nat



    Thank you for helping my writing.I would like to ask you next time as well!

  • Mats215


    Thank you very much for your corrections!

  • AO1


    Hi Teacher Megchan,
    Thanks for your gentle correction. Your rephrasing and advice are helpful!
    Please let me request you again!

  • tomoura


    Hi, Ms.Megchan!

    Thank you for your science correction again.

    I will keep those points you point out in mind!

  • eri.


    Thank you for your decent and polite corrections for my essay. They are very helpful.
    I'll review for it to improve English skill!



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