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I am a fully qualified Adult Education Teacher in the UK (Cert. Ed) , I hold teaching certificates and subject specialist diplomas in both English and Mathematics.

I have taught English and Mathematics online for many years, and was a classroom tutor from 2001-2012. I have also taught Information Technology, and Home Based Childcare to Advanced Diploma level.

I have successfully guided hundreds of students to success in national examinations for a wide number of organisations, colleges and learning institutions.
Many of these students had English as an additional language, and I have a depth of experience in guiding students for whom English is not their first language.
I have had private students to whom I have taught English as an additional language (formerly known as TEFL).
I am available from Thursdays through to and including, Mondays each week.
I enjoy cycling, cookery and spending time with my family, as well as reading and writing for profit. I lived in Germany for eight years, and have experience of learning a foreign language . I know how difficult it can be, and how important it is to improve language skills by natural methods.
I visited Canada and the USA in 2003, and have visited Ireland, North and South, many, many times. I loved living in Germany, and adored Canada. It's hard to pick a favourite country!
Welcome! I believe in giving friendly, supportive, but in-depth feedback. Customers should not be afraid to make mistakes, and to ask questions.
I like to make my feedback interesting, as well as informative, and as personalised as possible. I endeavour to answer all questions informatively and helpfully, to leave my customers feeling that their time has been important to me.
  • meg629


    Thank you so much for your support, again. This time, your explanation about "wish and hope" especially helps me a lot. Thank you for sharing the situation in the UK. It's interesting to know the situation in other countries. Have a nice day..

  • AAya


    Thank you for your thorough correction. I appreciate that. I learned formal and alternative ways of writing this essay. It was also interesting for me to learn English culture. Thank you. I hope I can get another correction from you.

  • yoshihama


    Thank you very much for your great correction work.

    I really like your teaching style that is always gives me further insights into my writings.

  • aki-from2017


    thank you for your corrections and comments!
    I was able to understood very subtle difference.

  • torug3


    Thank you for your smart correction as usual! And I'm glad that you shared your son's episode. It encourages me and I can recognize this kind of thing happens worldwide! I'm looking forward to working with you again. Hope you have wonderful days!

  • aki-from2017


    sorry for the late thanks.
    your comments are really useful, as always!!

  • yoshihama


    Thank you very much for your feedback.
    As always, your explanation is persuasive and full of useful hints.

    Your corrections of my grammatical mistakes and alternatives suggested for reference are great.
    Above all, your explanation about adding a punctuation helped me to gain a deeper understanding.
    I was impressed with all of your detailed comments.

    I hope you check my English writing again, so see you next time.

  • kegocchi


    Thank you for your correction of my writing.
    I’d appreciated that you show me alternatives , that sounds like real English.
    I mean I wonder if my English isn’t natural because I’ve learned English here in Japan , through books and CDs .
    So. Your correction is very useful .
    Thanks again!
    Best regards,

  • aki-from2017


    thank you for giving me alternatives and comments.
    They are all very useful!

  • Keimit87


    Dear Teacher AndMac,
    I appreciate for your proper correction and useful advices.
    When I write sentences, I have to do that more carefully and check the centences after writing.
    I will continue the practice from now on.
    Sencerely yours,



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