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M.Sc Psychology, Merit (2013). Sheffield Hallam University.
P.G. Conversion Psychology (2010) Sheffield Hallam University.
Advanced P.G. Cert/Dip Autism (Masters) (2002) Sheffield Hallam University.
B.Ed (Hons), Class 1. (1992) Leeds Metropolitan University.

DES Ref: RP91/40154
BPS Ref: GBC334313
DBS Ref: 001418478767 (Child) and 001472782074 (Adult)

I am a semi-retired teacher, with over 25 years experience. I am secondary trained and have taught many subjects through the years. My specialist areas are Psychology and Business Studies. I was a senior manager in education before my retirement and now teach part time. I also have experience of running my own successful retail business (now sold) and working in a variety of different environments.
At the current time I am available to assist on Saturdays and Sundays British standard time. I am always happy to work with enthusiastic customers and I will endeavor to advise you as efficiently and as promptly as I can. I will always be constructive in the event that your writing needs amending so as to sound more natural or formal depending on your needs. English can be a tricky language, indeed, a lot of British people (that is people from the separate countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) often make mistakes due to general errors that tend to creep into English usage due to different accents, social media and texting, so be proud of yourself for coming this far, to the point where you are able to write independently in a language that you were not born to!
I am currently learning Spanish, so I can understand the challenges experienced by those learning a second language. I also play acoustic guitar and sing for pleasure. My aim is to progress to the point where I am confident enough to perform in public. I really enjoy watching television, particularly Science Fiction and Fantasy - films and series. I am fortunate enough to have visited many European countries, including France, Spain, Germany and Portugal. I also visited Egypt, America and India. The most interesting country I have visited to date has been India as it is extremely culturally diverse and different from the UK, while being familiar in some ways due to historic British influences. It is my wish to visit Japan, especially during Cherry Blossom time. I would love to try the real food of Japan and see the magnificent traditional architecture as well as the ultra modern elements the country has.
My correction style will be dependent on the kind of order that is made. Where full explanations are required I shall attempt not to swamp the reader with too much grammatical bumph (noun - lovely word!), rather I shall attempt to use seasoned descriptive as opposed to prescriptive explanations, while acknowledging the hard work of the writer and giving credit where it is due.
  • mimic


    Thank you for your advice. My sentences became better and more natural. I want to improve my writing skills as readers can understand easily. I hope this routine will affect me in a better way. Please teach me again. thanks.

  • FumiKitty


    She is an eager teacher. Her teaching is nice and simple. Her comments are easy to understand.

  • Poniko


    Dear Jafa
    Thank you for your advice.
    Even though my English is not better, you correct my sentences and you gave me nice advices .
    I am very glad. l would like you to check my writing from now on.
    Thank you very much!
    De Poniko.

  • leo46294


    Thank you very much as always. Your corrections and suggestions are always clear to me, and I learn a lot as always.

  • sakura3150


    Dear Jafa,

    Thank you for correcting my writing.
    It is so hard for me to write natural English and I am always encouraged by your amendments.
    I will keep on trying.

    Best regards.

  • mimic


    Thank you for your advice! My goal is to write English sentence to make readers understand clearly, so your advice was perfect. And I love your quick reply.

  • soyokaze


    Thank you for your correction; my poor writing became an intelligent paragraph with your warm understanding. I don’t write so often, but when I write next, please read it again.

  • sakura3150


    Dear Jafa,
    Thank you for your amendments. I am reviewing the sentences you have corrected for me.

    Sounds like you are having a chilly weekend! Keep warm and stay safe,


  • fuzziwara


    Thank you for your corrections!
    There are many points I learnt.
    I’m grateful to you.

  • sakura3150


    Dear Jafa,
    Thank you for correcting my writing and encouraging me with hearty comments. I really appreciate your help.
    I'm thrilled about the fact you read my submission and wrote back to me from the opposite side of the planet!

    Hoping for your assistance again in my next submission.

    Stay safe.



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